Our Team

Sera Hill

Co-Founder, Director
Sera – originally from Toronto, Canada – is a co-founder of Trepantech, with over 10 years of experience in technology project management and product development. She single-handedly programmed the HiShanghai iOS application and is a lead-developer on VPNinja and iJudgeFights projects, overseeing all aspects of all Trepantech projects on a daily basis.

Jerome Beaulieu

Web Developer
Jerome – a native of Montreal, Canada - has over a decade of experience in the tech industry – first working as a tech-writer for Erisson and later moving into web development. Jerome is a lead developer on iJudgeFights and other ongoing Trepantech web-driven platforms.

Tito Vecchione

Graphics Lead / HiShanghai Product Manager
Tito – hailing from San Diego, California – brings the creative flair to all Trepantech projects. Tito’s iconic work can be seen throughout all Trepantech projects, most notably in HiShanghai – a project he runs with a talented team of international interns.


Evan Eames

Digital Photographer / Technical Support Guru
Evan – original from Idaho Falls, Idaho – heads up technical support and photography for Trepantech.